This semester, I hope to study the first topic, dealing with purchasing from local vendors to give back to local economies rather than big corporations. I love this topic because I think it is especially pertinent in Athens, which has a farming and university community to give back to. Here are some of my specific ideas to cover dealing with my chosen issue…

1. Righteous Juice, aka the “juiceman”- local Athens community member who makes organic, freshly squeezed juice. He previously sold his juice in the dorms, but due to heavier government regulations, he was no longer able to because it did not contain the necessary preservatives. However, organic juice, as long as it is made and consumed properly, is healthier then over processed juice.

2. Every Friday the Meat Science Technology Center sells fresh meat on campus. This meat, which I’ve heard is highly recommended, gives its proceeds back to the school itself.

3. Local co-ops and benefits they offer rather than buying produce from regular grocery chains. How do they compare in price? What do they offer?

4. People in Athens that raise chickens locally and sell the eggs to neighbors/friends.

5. UGArden plant and produce sales. Buying plants/produce from UGArden allows the money to go back to the college and students that learned from growing the plants/produce.

Just some starter ideas! More to come!


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